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(PMQ1Life Lessons: Sometimes we forget to remove the dust in our own eyes before quickly judging others wrongly when it is not even our job to do“Minding your business most times can bless you”~ Akua Mawuliplim Sarah

(PMQ2Life Lessons: Being kindhearted can rob you off blessings. Mostly, we give with expectations in mind and the feeling of don’t I deserve to have same from the same person? and then, we get disappointed. Thus, we become resentful and self-centered gradually. How can you be blessed? Do you think if God demanded a price for the air we breathe every day, the people we see as evil will still be in existence? Give what you have when you can with the thought of blessing someoneIt makes all the difference.~ Akua Mawuliplim Sarah

(PMQ3Life Lessons: Value what you have at the time you have it otherwise “time” will make you regret it when another person does and you will have no time to even mourn your Loss~ Akua Mawuliplim Sarah

(PMQ4Life Lessons: “You don’t get what you pray for, you get what you wait for“; but they that wait upon the Lord…(Isaiah 40:31). Just because you are “hungry” for something doesn’t mean you eat everything you see along the way…”Be hungry enough to wait“…especially when it doesn’t matter what your life story is…(Sarah Jakes 2019-#Sunday-Unfinished Business, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab-ek3_1iKc~ Akua Mawuliplim Sarah

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(PMQ5) Life Lessons: “Never mock a pain you haven’t endured…when life hits you, you may become everything you ever criticized” (Unknown~ Akua Mawuliplim Sarah

(PMQ6)Life Lessons: If you know how it feels like not to have when you are desperately in need, you will give more than enough when you are asked at the time you have it in abundanceIt pays to be empathetic sometimes ~ Akua Mawuliplim Sarah

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