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Time: Past (Friday at Sunset)

Setting: A mobile money sales shop(container) located Left Centre Stage with benches for customers to sit down.

(Scene shows Uncle Joe standing in the booth making account of his sales for the day. Alfred enters from downstage right running towards him)

Alfred: (screaming) Uncle Joe! Uncle Joe!

Uncle Joe: (Startled whiles going out of the Container) Aah, My boy Alfredo… Slow down, slow down that pace before you throw me to the ground (both hugging).

Alfred: I’m so happy…

Uncle Joe: Yes I can see that…(helping him to sit on the bench Centre Stage) So tell me, how are you?

Alfred: I’m fine…

Uncle Joe: (In suspense)What’s the excitement about?

Alfred: I won the award

Uncle Joe: The award?

Alfred: Yes Uncle

Uncle Joe: Which award? I’m confused

Alfred: Oh Uncle, you have forgotten already?

Uncle Joe: (softly) Sorry… you find me now…

Alfred: The School Arti…

Uncle Joe: (Joyfully) Oh Yes! I remember! You won the award for the Best Creative Student?

Alfred: Yes…

Uncle Joe: Awww…Congratulations! Let me have a look at this great piece (hurriedly looking through his bag)

Alfred: There you have it…(Uncle Joe taking the paper from his hand)

Uncle Joe: (Reading it out)

Around the Apex of Circumstances by Alfred Dadson
In a class of 35 students are the springing future of tomorrow. When I look around, I see the ones who have everything they need at their disposal and the ones who struggle through every phase of their life to get everything they need in order to feel accepted among their peers. I ask myself, Why is life unfair to some people? I was lost in my thoughts for a second then it struck me that the fingers are not of the same length and size. Each of them have their uniques strength level when we a performing a task. Amazingly, the rich ones envy something about the poor which is so unknown to the poor themselves because to them, life for the rich is perfect in their eyes.
Mmmm…The contrast of life! Interestingly, there is one person I admire who has experienced both sides.
I dared to approach and engage her in a conversation. The 20 minutes spent with her was one of the most fulfilling moments I ever had to the extent that even her silence counsels the proud. I have learnt some thought provoking principles from her story which I call Personal Development Keys and I will share them with you.
The first key is Distractions. In life, we are presented with lots of choices. Sometimes the choice we make can either distract us or keep us focused. When you come from an affluent home, you tend to discriminate or become choosy about the kind of people you walk and associate yourself with; in terms of NameMaterial PossessionsSocial Status just to mention. Your discrimination becomes your distraction because it prevents you from seeing the wealth in the ones you look down upon. You will need to experience poverty at some point to better appreciate humanity.
Resisting Temptation is the Second Key.When you find yourself talking and bribing your way through what you should have worked hard for, you lose the mark of integrity on your life because time will expose you.
The third key I want to touch on is Frustration. How would you feel if everything you have come to live and know is robbed off you? How would you feel if the people you have come to know as friends neglect you in your time of destitution? When tables turn, it shows you the real meaning of “When I had it all”. You have no where to go, no one to turn to, you are alone living around the apex of circumstances. No parents; getting maltreated by your parents friends; being neglected by your parents family; what to feed on becomes episodes of survival of the fittest and the list goes on and on. I believe some people can relate to this. This leads me to the fourth key which is 
Fear of Uncertainty. Frustration leads to depression and builds consistent fear of the realities of life in your imagination. You give up on yourself unknowingly till you become a living ghost passing through the wind in its spiral. What do you do? It is said that You become what you consistently think and say which leads me to my Fifth Key: Words (The Power of the Tongue). She said and I quote “I will never give up. I pledge to be a better version of me come what may. I’m not there yet but I know I will be there”. These words have been her guiding principle to study hard which secured her a scholarship that has funded her education till now. In her silence, she gets more closer to God. She said, she wouldn’t have identified her potentials if tables did not turn. My colleagues, the person I am talking about is none other than Ewura Abena Sam, the epitome of Focus and Resilience. The words we speak can either make us or break us. What do you feed your soul with?
Thank you.”

Uncle Joe: Wooow Alfred! This is an outstanding piece you’ve written.

Alfred: Thank you Uncle (smiling)

Uncle Joe: No wonder you won the award! In fact go for the malt…

Alfred: (smiling) Aren’t you hungry again?

Uncle Joe: Noo, noo (shaking his head). You have made my day…(both laughing)

Alfred: (Taking the malt on top of the container’s counter) So how is sales going?…

Light out!


By Akua Mawuliplim Sarah Menieso

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